Judge Glenn H. Derryberry

Program  and Groups

Parent Project- parent training programs designed specifically for parents raising strong-willed, difficult or out of control children. Assists in reducing family conflict, juvenile crime and recidivism and improve both school performance and attendance.

National Corrective Training Institute(NCTI)-Evidence-based program that provide offenders with the opportunity to acquire skills to change behavior in a pro-social way, which results in reducing recidivism

Choices and Consequences- An Educational Class that provides deeper insight into the importance of processing and using rational decision making skills given that each choice we make has consequences whether negative or positive.

Project Change- This program is designed to address DMC (Disproportionate Minority Contact), utilizing SANKOFA, a violence prevention program The program helps equip youth with the knowledge, attitude, skills, confidence and motivation to minimize their risk for involvement in violence and other negative behaviors. With group held every Tuesday between 4 and 6.

Alcohol and Other Drug Awareness (AOD)- educational class on the dangers of drugs and alcohol use. It also assists on identifying signs and symptoms of abuse.

Personal Responsibility Education Program(PREP)-state-wide initiative designed to work with transition programs to help youth make successful entry into adulthood by reducing risks of unhealthy relationships, unplanned pregnancy and high rates of sexually transmitted diseases.

Moral Recognition Therapy(MRT)-Cognitive-behavioral program that combines education, group and individual counseling, and structured exercises designed to foster moral development in treatment-resistant clients. With groups held every Wednesday from 3:30 to 4:30.