Community Control

Community Control
529 S Elizabeth Street

Phone: 419.998.5249


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Community Control at 529 Elizabeth St 419.998.5249
____Probation Services____
Director of Community Control / Chief P.O. Julie Norberg 419.998.5223
Assessment Unit  
Deputy Chief P.O. Dan Norberg 419.998.5224
P.O. / Placement Coordinator Michelle Breitigan 419.998.5222

P.O. Dana Brown                          

P.O. Greg Rice


P.O. Mandy Green       419.998.5243
Services Unit  
Deputy Chief P.O.  Doug Schweingruber    419.998.5271
P.O. Angelia  Handshoe               419.998.5247

P.O. Amanda Mortimer               

P.O. Drug Treatment Court Coordinator Marjean Warren


P.O./ DMC Coordinator Lachelle James   419.998.5263
P.O.  Richard Gibson 419.998.5249