Diversion Services

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The Community Control Department of the Court has established a strategy to avoid formal processing of your child through the juvenile justice system that is designed to:

·        Reduce Recidivism

·        Provide Services

·        Avoid Labeling

·        Increase Accountability

Participation in the Community Control Department’s diversionary process offers your child the opportunity to receive evidence-based offender education and intervention services, without appearing in Court.




DiversionIf a child receives a divertible complaint the youth will be given an opportunity to work with the program. A worker will be assigned to his/her case. The youth will be assigned a behavioral contract with certain conditions that must be met to satisfy the alleged complaint against them. If the child successfully completes the Intervention Program the complaint will be dismissed. If the child fails to abide by the contract the complaint may be filed officially with the Juvenile Court. The average length of time on the program varies from 7 weeks to 6 months.

Fire-setters Program:This program is in collaboration with Family Resource Center and the local fire departments.  Children demonstrating fire-setting behaviors will be assessed for any specialized needs and the child will participate in a fire safety education program through the local fire department. 

 C.A.S.T.:  C.A.S.T. stands for Court Assessment Service Team. This is a collaborative program with Family Resource Center and Children Services in which the team will conduct a meeting with the family to identify service options that will help strengthen and support the child and family.  There are several different types of C.A.S.T.:

  • S.O.C.A.S.T. is for status offenders who are not eligible for Intervention Services.
  • D.V.C.A.S.T. is for youth who are brought into detention for domestic violence.
  • Wrap C.A.S.T. is for youth who are already court involved through Intervention Services or Probation.