Central Business Office

The Business Office is under the direction of the Judge and in consultation with department heads to prepare and provide the annual court budget to the County Commissioners.  This office also monitors, reviews, and analyzes all procedures for compliance with County and State Budgetary regulations; coordinates and maintains outside appropriations; and also maintains inventory and equipment records.  Also serves as fiscal liaison between the Judge, the County Commissioners, the County Administrator, the County Auditor, and the County Treasurer.  Arranges contacts with county officials when necessary and coordinates budgetary activities (i.e. contracts, public bids.) 

 Prepares all payroll reporting on a bi-weekly basis.  Reviews all invoices and approves all documents submitted to the County Auditor by the authority of the Judge.  All invoices, payrolls, and personnel procedures must be processed and recorded in a manner that will create an audit trail according to the Ohio Revised Code and the State of Ohio Auditor.  Responsible for reconciliation of appropriation balances on a monthly basis; maintains valid purchase orders; processes transfers; and requests supplemental appropriations when necessary.  Prepares all paperwork necessary for employees who are newly appointed, have status changes, transferred to another department, or terminated.  Answers employment verification questions through phone calls and written correspondence.  Files and scans necessary information in personnel files and responds to minor personnel inquiries from staff.  Authorizes all travel requests, reimbursements, and submits them according to regulations to the County Commissioners and the County Auditor.  Certifies inventory to be submitted annually on the second Monday in January to the County Auditor and the County Commissioners.