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Probation is the conditional release of an adjudicated juvenile offender back into the community under specific orders. Probation Officers monitor compliance with court orders and assist the child and family in improving the child’s overall behavior. Additionally, Probation Officers provide linkage and networking services to local service providers to achieve the desired results as outlined by the child’s individual case plan. These services include, but are not limited to:

1.       Evaluation Services

2.       Individual and Group Electronic Monitoring

3.       Mentoring Services

4.       Counseling

5.       Community Outreach

 Probation is the most common disposition made in delinquency cases. It is meant to take the place of incarceration. At all times, the Community Control Department strives to work within the concept of the least restrictive alternative. Therefore, when a probation youth is returned to Court for violations, they face eminent risk of removal from their home and possible placement in a facility designed for the residential care of children, as all other options have been exhausted.  Probation Officers assigned to specialized caseloads provide supervision for youth referred to Drug Treatment Court and youth ordered into Alternative Placement

Allen County Juvenile Drug Treatment Court – This program operates as a function of the Probation Department. It is a drug intervention program designed to reduce substance abuse and delinquent behavior of non-violent juvenile offenders by providing a continuum of strength-based services to youth and families resulting in healthier family and community relationships while maintaining accountability and promoting public safety. The program lasts approximately one year and requires a long-term commitment by the youth and a parent/guardian/custodian, as well as involvement of a number of local agencies and providers. The program is overseen by a Drug Treatment Court coordinator who monitors all aspects of a youth’s involvement with the program and overall compliance with court orders.

Alternative Placement - The Allen County Juvenile Court has entered into a Sub-grant agreement with the Ohio Department of Jobs and Family Services for purposes of administering programs under Title IV-E of the Social Security Act. As a unit of government this program allows the Court to take responsibility for the placement and foster care of children, when the Court determines that all reasonable efforts have been made to prevent or eliminate the need for the child to be removed from his/her home and it is now in the child’s best interest to be removed. This specialized caseload requires the assigned probation officer to act as a child welfare worker with the child being placed into the custody of the probation department, and with the probation department assuming full responsibility for the placement and care of the child.