Visitation Information

While your child is detained at the Juvenile Detention Center
we strongly encourage regular & consistent visitation for the
following reasons:
• To provide emotional support to your child.
• To address issues and concerns with your child prior to
their release.
• To facilitate the transition upon release from the Juvenile
Detention Center into the home. If you cannot attend visitation, you are encouraged to write your child.

Saturday 12:30 PM– 1:30 PM and Sunday 12:30-1:30
PM. Times are subject to change. Cancellations are typically
posted on WLIO TV-35 during inclement weather or when
otherwise necessary.
• Parents, legal guardian (s) or legal custodian (s) with
proper identification may visit their child at the above
times. Biological parents are permitted to visit unless
there is a court order prohibiting such on file.
• Only TWO visitors are permitted at a time.
• Attorneys, Clergy, Educators, & approved service providers
may visit by calling the Juvenile Detention Center
to arrange an appropriate time.
• A special visitation for other interested parties needs
prior approval by calling the Assistant Director at 419- 998-5264.

1. All visitors must enter through Juvenile Court’s main
door at the front of the building between 12:15-12:30.
2. For the safety of your child, facility staff, and yourself,
all visitors must provide proper photo ID in order to
enter the building, must pass through a security checkpoint,
and must submit to a security screen/search
which may include the use of a magnetometer device,
pat/frisk search, and visual or x-ray inspection of items
of clothing or personal property.
3. DO NOT wear sweatshirts with hoods and ties or head
covers. Your visitation may be refused if you are not
dressed appropriately.
4. LEAVE purses, cigarettes, pagers, cell phones and other
personal items in your LOCKED car. (The Court is NOT
responsible for stolen or lost items.) Extinguish all cigars/
cigarettes OUTSIDE.
5. Once you are in the visitation area, you are to remain seated.
6. If you have a question YOU MUST RAISE YOUR HAND and
a staff member will assist you.
7. FIRE ALARM EVACUATION: If the fire alarm sounds during
visitation, residents and visitors will remain seated. If
the Juvenile Detention Center is to be evacuated, parents &
residents will follow staff directions and evacuate the facility
in an orderly fashion. Parents will stay with their child.
8. Under no circumstances are visitors to GIVE anything or
RECEIVE anything from Residents. Residents are NOT
permitted candy, gum, gifts, money, cigarettes, food, etc.
9. Property items will NOT be received or processed during
10. While visiting with your child, DO NOT visit with another
resident or visitor. This rule also applies to your child.
12. Alcohol odor and the influence of alcohol or drugs are not
appropriate for your child, so do not come to visitation if
you have been consuming alcohol or drugs. If either is detected,
you will not be permitted to visit and will be required
to leave the premises immediately.
13. INTRODUCTION of drugs, firearms, weapons or other contraband will be met with prosecution to the fullest extent of
the law.
14. All persons and property entering the secured detention
center are subject to search. [OAC 5139-2-28]