Summit of Youth Engagement


The Allen County Juvenile Court continues to sponsor a Community/ Faith -Based summit that focuses on the youth of Allen County. There are several participating community agencies and faith based programs participating.

The objectives/goals of the summit are:

  1. Share information about current youth activities available in the community.
  2. Create a system of networking to refer youths and families to the activities/services.
  3. Create agency and faith-based access points to refer youths and families.
  4. Plant seeds or nurture ideas to create new activities and services in Allen County for youths and their families. 
  5. Provide community/faith-based partners with information. 
  6. Create a system to maintain current information or available opportunities for youth engagement.

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For more information regarding how your agency/faith based initiative can get involved, contact Cathy Follett LSW, Director Intervention Services 419-998-5252 or